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Children need to be positively encouraged and need questions that make them think.

True/False, Multiple Choice or Essay… As school is starting up I’m intrigued by how the kids are excited for or loathing the first day back. I see parents that are stressed and figuring out new schedules of how to get little Johnny to school, soccer practice and swim lessons. There are so many challenges of […]

Your message??

Now first…RELAX…I truly believe that we have to Eat…Move…and Think POSITIVE/GOOD…etc…BUT…yes I said BUT…it’s not what ChiropracTIC is…Chiropractic is about connecting matter (the body) with it’s intelligence (wisdom) and that is done thru the NERVE SYSTEM…THE FORCE!! Why do I say this, our message is messed up…that’s right messed…kept it “G”, but if you know […]


The time is now…create a sense of urgency to define WHO you want to BE in 2014, and for that much the years following and what you need to do to BE who you wish to be, as a result you can and will create the results you want…WHEN…RIGHT NOW. Put aside the TV remote, […]

How do we honor our past?

How did the Native Americans pass on their traditions, customs and heritage? They told stories of truth, honor, bravery and peace. How will Chiropractors honor our past? Do we advertise massage or foot baths to get people in the door and they say “while you’re here, let’s check your back too”? Do we say anything […]

Up to YOU

So often we try to BE who we are not or blame someone or thing for what is happening…you determine your destiny, your thots and actions create what is happening to you. So if you don’t like it, simple change it. It’s as simple as this….YOUR DECISIONS, good or bad, will create ACTIONS…and then consequences […]


Had the opportunity to sit in a room with GIANTS this past weekend from all over the world. The best of all of it, creating new friendships that will last forever on top of reconnecting with those that are pushing for what is RIGHT in Chiropractic. And there are “those” that feel they deserve they […]

It’s the Baby

I had to write a new blog today…I was asked a few questions early this morning and I need to address them. My wife is 9 months pregnant and I get asked, “when are you going to have the baby?” My answer, “when the baby is ready.” Logical in my mind. I was asked this […]

Ask Why?

This week we’ve thrown out some controversial baby/birthing questions and topics and i must say i’m impressed by the response. I am surprised by some of the responses, but this is why we talk about these issues to get people to think for themselves. I’m saying don’t be a lemming and do your own research, […]

Hard Hit

Picked up our local newspaper this morning (Sunday) and on my way to the sports page came across the headlines in our “Midlands” about “Pertussis wracking up big numbers.” First thing I thought here we go another scare tactic by big pharma, guess what SPOT ON!! Come on, with the Flu Scare, let’s through another […]

How old do you need to be to be adjusted?

This is a common question we get and the answer may surprise you. At our office we care for everyone that comes into our doors as family. We strive to help as many people as possible live the life they deserve. No matter what age, everyone has a spine and nerve system. I encourage everyone […]