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They’re Just Words

They’re just words… Our language is amazing and think about how we can communicate with others. Not only can we talk over wireless cell phones, we text, email, tweet, Facebook…communication is constant and everywhere around us. The question is, how well do we communicate? Last night we were honored by Dr. Eric McKillican’s talk at […]

Gratitude = Great Attitude

Rough days that turn into rough months that turn into rough years can turn into rough lifetimes…BY CHOICE! When we CHOOSE to change our view and look at the greatness in everything…our view becomes this: Great days that turn into great months that turn into great years WILL turn into GREAT lifetimes! What version of […]

Why Chiropractic For Families in Omaha?

Because it works…period! The reason Chiropractic works for young and old, rich and poor, sick and well; is because Chiropractic is not prejudice. Chiropractic is only concerned with checking the function of the nerve system; brain, spinal cord, and nerves to ensure that they are properly working and coordinating everything within the body. Every human […]

Where Are the Healthiest Kids in Omaha?

Right here…at Koca Chiropractic!! How do we KNOW this?? You can see it in each and every child and family that walks in our doors. When you KNOW that a child’s body is communicating properly and functioning at its BEST…it shows in their expression of life everyday! When their nerve system is working at its […]