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I slept wrong!!

Have you ever woke up with a toothache? Have you ever woke up with a broken arm? Have you ever woke up with neck pain…then said to yourself…”I must have slept wrong!” So with that model, and we have all done it or heard it sometime in our life..then does that mean when you wake […]

Eating Organic Foods

It amazes me that if we think we just ate “good” that would be the key to good health…that is not the “key”…it is part of the plan…but if all you did was just “eat a carrot” or drink a healthy smoothie, but neglected the most important system in your body…it will NOT work. I […]

It’s NOT the band aid…

Have you ever wondered when you cut yourself how the body heals? Or is it just me? As a little boy I “used” to think that the band aid had the magic powers…when your parents put it on they had this special gift and this band aid would “heal” the injury…guess what…NOT TRUE!! That gift […]

What Does It Mean to Be Healthy?

Ask anyone who has had an auto accident and lost a limb. Ask anyone who has suffered a heart attack or life threatening disease. Ask the mother of a child with a chronic illness. What would they give to be healthy? Not just ‘not sick’, but TRULY healthy? So healthy that they KNOW without a […]