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Free your mind. I first heard those words 13 years ago and “thought” I knew what they meant, and have recited those very words for the past 13 years ago acting like a “Ninja” thinking I got it!! It wasn’t until recently that I actually started to get it, and know those words have more […]

Can’t Buy It

You can’t “BUY” it but you can earn it “BUY” creating pure authentic value into the lives of others…it’s as simple as that. Sadly in our society of today the plastic is taking over, I don’t mean the plastic that is floating around creating the pollution we have in the world…oh wait I do…the “plastic” […]


Happiness…what creates happiness? Is it getting better at something or is it being less of something? Neither because you are always DOing…it’s the journey that brings you happiness, not the destination. So many people, including myself up until a few years ago, are so focused on that end-point, the destination, that will provide the with […]

Next Excuse

This past weekend I had the pleasure of sitting in the room with a group of people that are deeply commited to changing themselves, and as a result their community. We all had the opportunity to listen to one of the brightest minds and authentic people I know, Garrett Gunderson. Garrett is the author of the New York […]

Who’s TRUTHS are you living…

We all want to BE somebody…and you should. But when you choose to BE somebody, BE the best version of you, and only you. Choosing character traits of someone else is just fine, but don’t try to BE them, cause you cannot!! When you try to “channel” someone else, other than you, your life will […]

Your Beliefs Really Do Dictate Your Behavior: Here’s Why!

One of my Great Mentors, Dr. David Jackson, has said it hundreds of times. ‘Your beliefs, whether true or not and whether you have consciously thot about them or not, dictate your behaviors.’ What he means is that even if the belief is false and has no backing whatsoever it will still cause you to […]

Children need to be positively encouraged and need questions that make them think.

True/False, Multiple Choice or Essay… As school is starting up I’m intrigued by how the kids are excited for or loathing the first day back. I see parents that are stressed and figuring out new schedules of how to get little Johnny to school, soccer practice and swim lessons. There are so many challenges of […]

Up to YOU

So often we try to BE who we are not or blame someone or thing for what is happening…you determine your destiny, your thots and actions create what is happening to you. So if you don’t like it, simple change it. It’s as simple as this….YOUR DECISIONS, good or bad, will create ACTIONS…and then consequences […]


Had the opportunity to sit in a room with GIANTS this past weekend from all over the world. The best of all of it, creating new friendships that will last forever on top of reconnecting with those that are pushing for what is RIGHT in Chiropractic. And there are “those” that feel they deserve they […]

They’re Just Words

They’re just words… Our language is amazing and think about how we can communicate with others. Not only can we talk over wireless cell phones, we text, email, tweet, Facebook…communication is constant and everywhere around us. The question is, how well do we communicate? Last night we were honored by Dr. Eric McKillican’s talk at […]