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Frequently Asked Questions…

  • Do you want to thrive, or just survive?  Our wholistic approach to Chiropractic, promotes wellness strategies for optimising your function and life, instead of just getting by.  As nerve system stress, like most chronic illness, often has no early warning symptoms; everyone should have their spine checked regularly by a Chiropractor.

  • Dr. Alex Rodwell is a dynamic Chiropractor, Speaker and Mentor. Born in Australia, Dr. Rodwell was inspired to become a Chiropractor at a young age, after witnessing first hand the power of the body to heal naturally whilst under chiropractic care.

    Whilst undertaking Bachelor degrees in Applied Science and Chiropractic Science, Dr. Rodwell was fascinated by the intelligence that governs the function of the human body.

    That fascination continues today in Dr. Alex’s role serving as a Chiropractor, helping people to heal from physical, chemical and emotional overload whilst guiding them to value and express optimal wellbeing for life.

    Dr. Alex is a Trained Demartini Method Facilitator. He runs monthly 1/2 day seminars for practise members, inspiring individuals, families and businesses to adopt and practice a ‘wellness mindset’, transform stress and make choices that maximise human potential for generations to come.

    Dr. Alex also holds regular Events where he speaks about Life Expression’s unique approach to better health.

    For more information, please click here

  • We have a comprehensive weekly lifestyle seminar program for all clients, their families, and guests- enabling each individual to discover self-help strategies, and take more responsibility for, and control of, their health and well-being.

    Our program is designed to demonstrate how our system of Chiropractic care, together with other important natural approaches, may help you improve and optimise your health.  We offer advice on lifestyle and environmental options, such as nutrition, exercise, posture, fitness, longevity, immunity,  attitude, stress, and more, all essential for healthier living.

  • Your first visit involves a thorough assessment with your Chiropractor. This visit may take up to one hour and includes a comprehensive review of your health and life history profile, needs and objectives. Your physical assessment will look at your spine, nerve system and related areas.

    We use a combination of futuristic non-invasive electronic assessments, and a traditional hands on evaluation.

    The futuristic non-invasive assessment includes heart rate variability scanning and Progressive Digital Posturography. These capture your postural images and nerve system adaptability from initial evaluation and subsequent comparisons.

    Your second visit is when you receive your assessment results and recommendations.  Your Chiropractic care usually begins on this second visit. Your investment for your first two visits, including your first adjustment is $147, and follow ups are valued at $45.

    Our thorough assessment of you may require you to be referred (only where indicated), for a set of spinal x-rays.

    A clear fee schedule will be provided at the second (report of findings) visit, which outlines special payment options” for couples, seniors, students and families for their ongoing care, as well as our popular discounted prepayment package and membership options for blocks of care.

  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is cutting-edge technology assessing whole body function. In particular, HRV provides feedback as to your adaptability to stress, by analysing your pulse patterns, and indicates how you may cope in the environment, as well as you capacity for healing.

    (Progressive Digital Posturography) captures digital images of your posture, and then analyses them numerically scoring your postural condition. You receive the actual images with the millimetre distortions, as well as any additional stress (in kilograms) on your spine placed by structural imbalances. You will be given a Posture Number™ (a score of your posture- like blood pressure or cholesterol numbers), which is made available through proprietary software unique to this system.

    These technologies are used for initial analysis, and as an ongoing measure of changes associated with progress through your Chiropractic care. Their feedback is highly accurate and objective.  Each client receives colour computer-generated reports of their results.

  • Depending on your history and examination findings a set of X-rays may be requested (only where necessary). When necessary these are ordered in order to obtain a clear blueprint, primarily to view the alignment, patterns and condition of your spine.

    We refer clients when needed to our local xray specialist, who will forward images taken to your Chiropractor who will then interperate the results for you on your second visit.

  • Yes!  Doctors of Chiropractic provide care for their clients using safe, gentle, and scientific techniques.

    Our comprehensive client education program provides information for you to discover self-help strategies and options, and increase your awareness about health, to gain optimum benefit from Chiropractic. You can learn how and why Chiropractic care is safe and appropriate, (and in fact, an integral and vital element of healthy development) for all ages, especially children.

  • A referral is not required from a medical doctor to see a Doctor of Chiropractic.  Doctors of Chiropractic are primary health care providers (the largest primary health care profession in the world, after medicine and dentistry).

  • Chiropractic is most appropriate for both these groups.  Children are subjected to spinal stresses from their birth, and then everyday from the slips, bumps, falls, and poor posture which all children experience.  The extra stresses of pregnancy and the trauma, which can be associated with the birth process, make Chiropractic care for pregnant women especially important.  Bio-geometric Integration is especially suitable for pregnant women, babies and children, due to its incredibly gentle methods.

  • Absolutely not! It is essential for children’s spines to be checked for nerve system stress and interference at an early age. The earlier developing problems are detected, the more effective care may be expected. Children lead such active lives, constantly jumping, jarring, bumping, falling and much more. Whilst these activities are a normal part of their development, they may cause stress to a developing nerve system, which may not manifest as symptoms for many years, if ever. Remember; As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.

  • No!  Chiropractic is completely natural, non-invasive, drug and surgery free.

  • Yes!  This is so the appropriate time can be allocated for both your and other clients’ convenience.

  • Chiropractic began in 1895, over 117 years ago.

  • Yes!  In New Zealand Doctors of Chiropractic must be registered and licensed to practice by the Chiropractors’ Registration Board, under the auspices of the Health Department. Both Dr Alex Rodwell and Dr Andrew Hayes are members of the New Zealand Chiropractors Association, and travel each year to keep up to date and ahead of the pack when it comes to continuing education

  • Each person has individual needs, and must be assessed accordingly, and then your Chiropractor can make specific tailored recommendations.  Waiting for pain before your visit a Chiropractor, is like waiting for your teeth to rot before you see a dentist.

  • Yes!  Just as you should regularly see your dentist for your teeth before they hurt, or service your car before it breaks down, so you should have your spine checked for nerve system stress and interference, by a Chiropractor on a regular basis. Therefore we recommend getting your spine and nerve system checked at your chiropractor as an evidence based sustainable approach to greater wellness.

  • You may be able to recover some of your cost through a private insurance fund. You need to contact the relevant authority, and find out how you specifically are covered. If you have had an accident or injury, you may be eligible to apply for a short period of ACC (strict qualifying criteria apply). Please ask your Chiropractor if you have any questions.

  • The spine is the framework, which supports and protects your spinal cord.  It is like your body’s communication conduit.  Your spinal cord (effectively an extension of your brain) and many of your nerves, carry messages to and from your brain and spinal cord through small openings between the vertebrae (spinal bones); to coordinate all body parts and functions.  Through your nerve system you perceive the world; adapt to stress; express emotion and create our conscious reality.  Because of the spine’s complexity, its normal movements may be easily disrupted.  Falls, incorrect lifting, repetitive movements, faulty posture and even your emotional state and your chemical intake may cause disruption to the normal functioning of your spine.  These areas of abnormal function typically display spinal cord tension.  You don’t need to feel pain to have them.

  • As nerve system stress may be caused as early as during the birth process, you should start as young as possible, since the earlier nerves system stress and interference is detected, the more effective care may be expected.

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