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It’s NOT the band aid…

Have you ever wondered when you cut yourself how the body heals? Or is it just me? As a little boy I “used” to think that the band aid had the magic powers…when your parents put it on they had this special gift and this band aid would “heal” the injury…guess what…NOT TRUE!! That gift […]

Is There A Replacement??

You LIVE your life through your nerve system, EVERY human experience is through your nerve system…so what replaces that? Simple NOTHING. And here is the beauty of what Doctors of Chiropractic DO….we work with that essence, YOU, your nerve system. We don’t add toxins or drugs to mask what your body is telling you, or […]

“I got 99 problems but my kids on drugs ain’t one”

I read this quote today while skimming across my Facebook newsfeed. It caught my attention as it is a parody of an old school rap song. Then I looked at it again and realized that it meant much more than just being a funny line. This is the reality for many people. Children hooked on […]

Chiropractic Saves Lives…Here’s How!

When you have a horrible accident and need a limb sewn back on DON’T call your Chiropractor, call a Medical Doctor. Just like when your house is on fire you don’t call the carpenter, you call the fire department! And hopefully, if they got there in time, they saved your house(life)!!! But…after they have saved […]

The Why..

I’ve been blessed to take care of this young family for almost a year now…mom, dad and little girl (we’ll call her “Amy”). Both parents work hard and about a 2 months ago they both changed jobs and moved into a new house within a week. That’s a stressful time for the entire family. With […]

Chiropractic and Life: Completely Interwoven and Inseparable

In three words: Chiropractic is Life! Life is about function. The higher the function the higher the quality of life. Chiropractic is about enhancing function which in turn enhances quality of life. The Brain controls function within the body by sending messages thru the spinal cord and nerves to every organ, tissue and cell in […]

Your message??

Now first…RELAX…I truly believe that we have to Eat…Move…and Think POSITIVE/GOOD…etc…BUT…yes I said BUT…it’s not what ChiropracTIC is…Chiropractic is about connecting matter (the body) with it’s intelligence (wisdom) and that is done thru the NERVE SYSTEM…THE FORCE!! Why do I say this, our message is messed up…that’s right messed…kept it “G”, but if you know […]

How do we honor our past?

How did the Native Americans pass on their traditions, customs and heritage? They told stories of truth, honor, bravery and peace. How will Chiropractors honor our past? Do we advertise massage or foot baths to get people in the door and they say “while you’re here, let’s check your back too”? Do we say anything […]

They’re Just Words

They’re just words… Our language is amazing and think about how we can communicate with others. Not only can we talk over wireless cell phones, we text, email, tweet, Facebook…communication is constant and everywhere around us. The question is, how well do we communicate? Last night we were honored by Dr. Eric McKillican’s talk at […]

Chiropractic checkup is like brushing your teeth

You See a Chiropractor Because it’s a Healthy Thing to Do

Whenever people hear that I am a chiropractor, they will either do one of two things. They will usually grab their neck or back and say something like, “Man, I really need to see you,” or, “I’ve never had to see a chiropractor but if I had the need I would definitely try it.” Both […]