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The Why..

I’ve been blessed to take care of this young family for almost a year now…mom, dad and little girl (we’ll call her “Amy”). Both parents work hard and about a 2 months ago they both changed jobs and moved into a new house within a week. That’s a stressful time for the entire family. With […]

It’s the Baby

I had to write a new blog today…I was asked a few questions early this morning and I need to address them. My wife is 9 months pregnant and I get asked, “when are you going to have the baby?” My answer, “when the baby is ready.” Logical in my mind. I was asked this […]

Ask Why?

This week we’ve thrown out some controversial baby/birthing questions and topics and i must say i’m impressed by the response. I am surprised by some of the responses, but this is why we talk about these issues to get people to think for themselves. I’m saying don’t be a lemming and do your own research, […]