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Is There A Replacement??

You LIVE your life through your nerve system, EVERY human experience is through your nerve system…so what replaces that? Simple NOTHING. And here is the beauty of what Doctors of Chiropractic DO….we work with that essence, YOU, your nerve system. We don’t add toxins or drugs to mask what your body is telling you, or […]

“I got 99 problems but my kids on drugs ain’t one”

I read this quote today while skimming across my Facebook newsfeed. It caught my attention as it is a parody of an old school rap song. Then I looked at it again and realized that it meant much more than just being a funny line. This is the reality for many people. Children hooked on […]

It’s the Baby

I had to write a new blog today…I was asked a few questions early this morning and I need to address them. My wife is 9 months pregnant and I get asked, “when are you going to have the baby?” My answer, “when the baby is ready.” Logical in my mind. I was asked this […]